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Workaround for ICONex not showing balances

2018/08/11 16:40 등록

Nick Baww



ICONex is currently broken for ether transfers and ICX ERC20 swapping because it's using an older myetherwallet api "https://api.myetherapi.com/eth" when I believe it should use "https://api.myetherwallet.com/eth".

Since it's been broken for more than 48 hours, I put together some instructions to work around it https://youtu.be/Y1Ku1EsRLTo

Do this at your own risk, I am not responsible for your actions or the outcome of performing these steps. I recommend waiting for the ICON team to fix it themselves.

  1. open iconex wallet webpage, open chrome developer tools with f12
  2. go to the sources tab
  3. In the "page" subtab, find config.js under top/flpiciilemghbmfalicajoolhkkenfel/Users/NC0201014/Desktop/my_coin/src/constants/config.js
  4. On line 55 add a breakpoint by clicking the number 55
  5. Reload the extension wallet page
  6. Back in the chrome dev tools under the Sources tab it will be debugging because it hit the breakpoint you set on step 4. So on the right side, scroll down to the Scope section, expand the obj variable, modify the "main" key-value pair from "https://api.myetherapi.com/eth" to have a value of "https://api.myetherwallet.com/eth"
  7. Resume script execution with the blue arrow at the top
  8. Done, you should see balances now. If you check the network tab in the chrome developer tools you can see the request being made to myetherwallet instead of myetherapi.

If at any point you refresh the page or close or reopen it will be undone and you'll have to do all of this again. Token swap should work because it doesn't reload the page or anything.

I don't typically do much js development so there's probably another way to do this easier, but this is just what I did.

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2018/09/27 16:35 등록




As far as I know, the problem that you issued was fixed.

now, you can see the myetherwallet api has been changed into " https://eth.solidwallet.io" for 'main' and "https://ropsten.infura.io" for 'ropsten' network from older api.

thanks for reporting about this kind of problem

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