Release date: 2020-04-08 Docker TAG: TBU, 2020-04-08 01:00:00 UTC

The following updates describe the latest improvements in each software package, which uses the following version sequence: loopchain 2.5.2, icon-service 1.6.1, rewardcalculator 1.2.1. See upgrades and fixes for information about updating to the latest release of ICON Loopchain

To upgrade your docker, set your docker tag to iconloop/prep-node in your docker-compose.yml. For this upgrade, it is necessary to bring the node down and up, due to changes. Each node needs to be careful not to cause problems in the consensus process:

~~~ docker-compose pull docker-compose down docker-compose up -d ~~

  • Implement the Block Production Time Limit function to support setting a maximum execution time for a transaction to be added in a block

  • Add a new exception in DictDB iteration (#420)

  • Fix a minor bug in the Fee system (#429)

  • Optimize the ArrayDB, DictDB and VarDB in SCORE (#419, #424)

  • Support the sha_256 function in SCORE (#422)

  • Modify peer loading priority

  • Modify retrieving candidate blocks

  • Fix make requirements in Ubuntu

  • Add command line for priting version of loopchain and its dependencies

  • Modify handshake for Citizen

  • Fix leader complaint

  • Rollback for unconfirmed block