Release date: 2019-12-19 Docker TAG: 1912090356xb1e1fe, 2019-12-19T02:50:10 UTC
The following updates describe the latest improvements in each software package, which uses the following version sequence: loopchain 2.4.20, iconservice 1.5.20, icon-rpc-server 1.4.9, rewardcalculator 1.2.0. See upgrades and fixes for information about updating to the latest release of ICON Loopchain
To upgrade your docker, set your docker tag to iconloop/prep-node in your docker-compose.yml. For this upgrade, it is necessary to bring the node down and up, due to changes. Each node needs to be careful not to cause problems in the consensus process:
docker-compose pull
docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d
    Make block_height_sync_timer repeatable
    Reset preps_data in DB if score returns preps data
    Add nid to ‘/api/v1/status/peer’
    Edit logic after write_precommit_state, which is determined by the result of itself
    Base of block version 0.4 for the penalty
    Use VOTING_RATIO after block version 0.4
    Edit logic to prevent confirmation of the previous block if it has a mismatch round with the current round of the node
    Fix the state inconsistency for claimIScore between iconservice and rc
    Fix score data corruption on score query call
    Fix a bug on PRepEngine._reset_block_validation_penalty
    Implement getInactivePReps JSON-RPC API
    Impose low productivity penalty when a P-Rep gets penalized for block validation failure and low productivity at the same time
    Update getPRepTerm JSON-RPC API
    Fix infinite loop on ipc_server termination
    Pass a new main prep list to loopchain when a p2pEndpoint of the main prep is modified
    Fix a crash on processing queryIScore request with malformed address
    Remove get_rs_target, RestProperty and its followings
    Add a description for 'default' field of 'icx_getScoreApi'
    Add a description for rep_getListByHash
    Update grpcio and its tool versions to 1.25.0
    Fix bug in checking error in new_block
    Improve IPC protocol
    Fix bugs
    Beta2 reward calculation bug
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