Governance - IISS
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Basic IISS Overview

    ICON Incentives Scoring System (hereinafter referred to as "IISS") is an evaluation system for accurately measuring and compensating the contributions of ICONists within the ICON Network.
    The ICON Network defines 7 contribution items based on the 'Delegated Proof of Contribution' incentive protocol to identify and promote significant contribution activities to the decentralized network. Each ICONists can demonstrate its contribution to the ecosystem via delegation.
    I-Score is the ecosystem contribution score. IISS calculates and distributes I-Score for each contributing item every 43,200 blocks and determines the ICX issuance accordingly. After then, I-Score can be converted to ICX via Public Treasury. Based on the advanced on-chain governance system, IISS determines the issuance amount of ICX for the ecosystem.
    ICON Network's on-chain governance-based crypto economy is designed to work flexibly depending on the network situation that the network can develop successfully in a decentralized environment.

Delegated Proof of Contribution

    Delegated Proof of Contribution (DPoC) is the incentive protocol to determine the contributions in the ecosystem. IISS works based on DPoC mechanism. 7 types of contribution items can be demonstrated by IISS.
      A Public Representative (P-Rep) is a full node on the ICON Network that participates in consensus and governance.
      P-Reps consist of the top 22 Main P-Reps and 78 Sub P-Reps, and are elected by ICONists.
      Block Validation Reward
        Block Validation Rewards are given to the top 22 Main P-Reps for block production and verification.
      Representative Reward
        Representative Rewards are given to all 100 P-Reps according to the delegated amount of ICX received.
      All ICONists can receive the reward in return for delegating their ICX to P-Reps
    Contribution Items
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