Create an account

There are several ways to create an account, either using SDKs or on ICONex wallet app. In this document, we will explain one by one.

Using T-Bears

You can create a keystore file from CLI using tbears keystore command.

$ tbears keystore [keystore_file_name]
Input your keystore password :
Retype your keystore password :
Made keystore file successfully

Using Python SDK

Create an account

KeyWallet is an object representing an account. The code below creates a new KeyWallet instance. Internally, a private-public key pair is generated.

wallet = KeyWallet.create()

Load existing account

# load existing account using private key
key = bytes.fromhex(userPrivateKey)
wallet = KeyWallet.load(key)
# load existing account from keystore file
wallet = KeyWallet.load(keystoreFilePath, password)

Export keystore file, password)

Using Java SDK

Create an account

KeyWallet wallet = KeyWallet.create()

Load existing account

// load existing account using private key
Bytes key = new Bytes(userPrivateKey)
KeyWallet wallet1 = KeyWallet.load(key);
// load existing account using keystore file
File file = new File(destinationDirectory, filename);
KeyWallet wallet2 = KeyWallet.load(password, file);

Export keystore file

// path to store the keystore file. keystore file name is automatically generated.
File destinationDirectory = new File("./");
// keystore file password
String password = "password_string";
String fileName =, password, destinationDirectory);

Using ICONex

ICONex is a Chrome extension app. If you do not have it yet, please install the extension.

Create an account and download keystore file.

  1. Click "Create Wallet". img001

  2. Select "ICON (ICX)" img002

  3. Enter a wallet name and password. img003

  4. Download the keystore file for backup. img004

  5. Confirm your private key and keep it safe. img005

Load existing account

  1. Click "Load Wallet".

  2. You can load your account from the keystore file ("Select wallet file") or using a private key ("Enter Private Key").